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First Steps Of A Beach Wedding In Virginia Beach

When asking someone their vision about a beach or oceanfront wedding in Virginia Beach you might hear things like

  • The sunset
  • Cool ocean breezes
  • Soft white sand beneath your toes

This is certainly what we all dream about for the big day. You never hear a vision that involves inclement weather, high tide, noisy beach goers, or guests that cannot hear the ceremony over the ocean. Even though it is a beach, there are still wedding logistical concerns that can get in the way of that vision of a magical beach wedding.

A Wedding Planner Can Help You With Those Virginia Beach Wedding Details

This is where a wedding planner that understands both the beach wedding and the nuptial nuances of Virginia Beach can be indispensable. Creating the picturesque beach wedding comes with a number of details that have to be worked out. Here are a few beginning questions to ask yourself:

What Time Of Year Is The Best For A Beach Wedding?

A summer time Virginia Beach wedding and a winter time Virginia Beach wedding present vastly different challenges. The summer can bring intense heat and crowds. Sections of Virginia Beach can present significant parking challenges. Even the highway access points can become constricted as summer crowds descend on this tourist destination.

Wintertime, while less crowded, can pose other challenges. Weather can be blustery and frigid. High winds can make the ceremony unpleasant to guests getting the full force of winter ocean breezes while trying to focus on the wedding. While less common, even snow can become a factor as roads can become impassable, creating logistical nightmares.

Which Beachfront Location Is The Best?

Virginia Beach has beaches that extend from the Chesapeake Bay down to where the Atlantic Ocean meets Sandbridge. So having a beach wedding can mean quite a number of potential sandy locations, each with benefits and contingencies. Some offer privacy. Some are closer to hotels and resorts, which may be ideal for older guests.

How Many People Will Be At The Wedding?

Do you want a cozy beach wedding or something much grander? Things like parking, hotels, and catering need to be adjusted to fit the demand.

What Is Your Beach Wedding Budget?

You do not want to start your marriage under a suffocating amount of wedding debt. Setting a budget and sticking to it is probably the most critical step you can take. Once a budget is set, you then need to find ways to get the most for your money. Many times, just knowing what is available can help you with this step.

Set Up A Wedding Consultation

Believe it or not, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are questions concerning, attire, parking, lodging, and more. These are all details you want ironed out, long before you say I do.

Contact me at Christopher Duane Weddings to setup a consultation for your wedding. We can go over all the details that will make your Beach wedding a success.


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Planning Your Beach Wedding In Virginia Beach

What could be more picturesque for your Virginia Beach wedding than an actual wedding on the beach. The cool oceanfront sand beneath your bare feet. The backdrop of a bustling boardwalk. The low motion of the waves as they hit the shore. These are just a few of the nuances of what you get when your wedding planner organizes the wedding ceremony on the actual beachfront of Virginia Beach. While this image of your Virginia Beach Wedding is picturesque, than are many details to consider.

Keys To Planning Your Virginia Beach Wedding On The Beachvirginia beach wedding planner

First things first. While you may be getting married on the beach located at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, you are still getting married in Virginia Beach. There are a list of thing you need to do to make that wedding official. Here is a Virginia Beach city wedding link to help you get the proper permits to make sure you are actually married.

And this is the just the start. There are dozens of other decisions you need to make. You want to start researching the many topics that you have to consider as early in the process of wedding planning as you can.

Don’t Plan Your Beach Wedding Alone…

Christopher Duane Wedding is here to help. We can help you navigate the best way to budget, plan, and organize your beach wedding. From choosing a guest list to selecting the right reception, the small details will help you enjoy that day of matrimony on the beach.

Contact us for more information






Men’s Wedding Fashions

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with John, of Upscale Men Clothing Store located at 5989 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. in Norfolk, VA. Upscale clothing can offer you a great alternative when you choose not to wear a uniform for you wedding or any special occasion.

Men’s Clothing For Your Wedding Day

They have a wide variety of mens’ clothing for your wedding day. Suit sizes for men range from 36 to 54, special orders are available. Let’s not forget the younger men, sizes available 2 to 20.

Tuxedo Rentals

For those who want a traditional look for the groom and groomsmen, Upscale Men’s Clothing has that as well. Tuxedo rentals are also an option. Whatever the look you are going for during your wedding, Upscale Men’s Clothing has you covered.

Make An Appointment For Personal Service

John of Upscale Men’s clothing, recommends making an appointment so you can receive the personal time and attention you deserve. Walk-ins are welcome. Call today.

Locations In Virginia Beach And Norfolkmens wedding fashion gallery

There are 2 locations for you to choose from. One is the Norfolk location which you can call at 757-459-2218. The other is the Virginia Beach location, which sits conveniently in Pembroke Mall. The number is  757-499-3000.

Planning A Wedding?

Let Christopher Duane Weddings help you with the small details. We can help you with everything from the right fashions for the groom to the best place to host your reception.








Choosing A Venue For A Wedding Reception: Shifting Sands Catering

The Wedding Reception: Choosing The Right Virginia Beach Location

When forming a budget for your wedding, one of the first things you must do is to reserve a location for your wedding and where you are going to have your reception.

Your Wedding Reception And Shifting Sands Catering

On March I met with two of the lovely ladies Amanda, and Linda at Shifting Sands Catering. One of the things they cater is wedding receptions. They are located on the Dam Neck Annex military  installation nestled off of the Atlantic ocean. Remember when you are making a budget for your wedding, the biggest part of your budget is your venue.  This amount equals about 35-45% of your total budgeted amount.

wedding reception venueWedding Reception Venue And Hosting

What a gem,  and one of best keep secrets in the area. The Sands can host weddings with a guest list of 50 to 200. There are 3 rooms available for your choosing. One room for small wedding receptions. Two rooms with a view of the Atlantic ocean. I was surprised when I was told the cost of a wedding reception and food.

Custom Wedding Menus For Your Wedding Reception

The menu has a great selection of food which can please most any taste. You can chose a buffet style or plated dinner. You have the option to customize your menu.

Reserve Your Wedding Reception Location Before Spaces Fill Up

I must warn you that Shifting Sands books quickly. So contact them to save your date at:  Amanda (757)492-6776 or Linda (757)492-7695



The Importance Of A Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming for the couple. One of the tools that can help relieve some of that stress is to establish an affordable budget.


Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress can be an overwhelming experience. We researched professionals in the field to see what they had to say, and here are a few of their tips.


Bridal Skincare Tips

You’ve set the date, picked your dress, booked a makeup artist, and know exactly what sort of hair style you want to sport—but if you’re a bride-to-be, have you given any thought to your skin?


Wedding Manicure Look

It is your day… you want everything to be prefect… including your nails. Planning a wedding is stressful enough so it is easy to overlook things like, eating healthy, drinking water, or getting a manicure or pedicure.