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Beach Wedding Resources In Virginia Beach

So you are planning a wedding on the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. Here are some useful resources to help you make your day at the beach live up to expectations. I have included short summations of the articles to help you wade through the information quicker to see if it is what you are looking for.

Beach Wedding Tips From Christopher Duane Weddings

We are experts in weddings in Virginia Beach. Here is a link to a little more information about having a beach wedding. Do you have questions on how to plan a Beach Wedding? Contact us and let us meet for a consultation.

Beach Wedding Contact Link

Beach Wedding Planning Basics

Beach Wedding In Virginia Beach

Beach Wedding Article: The Knot’s Essential Beach Wedding Tip Informational

This article is a great starting point. It touches on some essential beach wedding topics you need to consider. Like any other wedding there are scores of details you have to consider. As simple as getting married with your feet in the sand sounds, there are still logistical concerns you cannot overlook.

This article gives you quick review of those basic beach wedding items. Filling in the details is a critical part of any wedding plan. This is a great article to look at to help you start figuring out unique things you want to do, as well as things you have to do to manage the care, feeding, and comfort of your guests.

Beach Wedding Information Article Link

Unique Beach Wedding Ideas

This article instantly caught my eye for a number of reasons. Instead of just providing lists, it gives you an easily scannable display of things others have done at their Oceanfront Wedding.

Unique Beach Wedding Ideas Article

Beach Wedding Pinterest Board

Pinterest is an incredible resource for…anything. For weddings it is packed with board after board, picture after picture of weddings, beach weddings, beach wedding themes, beach wedding ideas, beach wedding décor and more. I have a clickable link here you can use to start looking over and collecting ideas

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