A springtime wedding sets the tone for a whimsical day with warm weather and freshly bloomed flowers. The day you say “I do,” you’ll want your skin to glow as bright as the love between you and your spouse. Harsh winter weather may have dulled your skin, and unfortunately, you aren’t quite as vibrant and rosy as the spring blossoms.

Spring is a time for revitalization. Why not reinvigorate your skin? Following a rough winter season, your skin could use some TLC. The cold temperatures and harsh winds may have left your skin dry and in need of some moisture.

It’s not just your forehead and cheeks; think about your lips too. Lips are prone to damage and often crack in cold winter weather. You’ll certainly want kissable lips on your wedding day.

Before your big day, reverse any potential damages caused by the changing seasons by improving your skincare routine. These steps not only improve your overall health and wellness, but will have you looking like a blushing bride on your wedding day.

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