It is your day… you want everything to be prefect… including your nails. Planning a wedding is stressful enough so it is easy to overlook things like, eating healthy, drinking water, or getting a manicure or pedicure.

A couple of days before your wedding, we recommend getting a gel manicure and pedicure, that way you don’t have to worry about the polish chipping, and they will also hold up for your honeymoon. If you are not going to get a gel manicure make sure to go the day before your wedding. You’ll have a million in one things to do, but it won’t last or look as nice if you get it done any sooner.

Avoid bright colors; neutral colors and simple designs are best. If you really want to add a bright color then add it to the tip of a French manicure, but strongly encourage brides to keep it simple and natural — not too trendy, as it is important to think about your final wedding photos. Blue might be your favorite color, but do you really want bright blue nail polish in all of the pictures, especially close-ups like cutting the cake, the ring hand, and the champagne toast?

We don’t think your nail color has to carry over to design of the wedding e.g., decor, tabletop, invites, etc. —- keep nail color sheer and design simple. Pick a nude or light pink hue that compliments your skin’s tonality. We’d also recommend that all your bridesmaids where the same color. How terrible would it be if your bridesmaids had chipping nail polish or a bright color that clashed with the dress? There needs to be consistency in what they are wearing and how they are accessorizing. Yes, that includes their nail polish!

Just remember, anything in moderation is key… today truly is your day… so make it be just what you want it to be, even if it is that blue nail polish!!